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PLI-DEK Waterproof Deck System for Plywood Substrates

Posted by Coastal Construction Products on Sep 14, 2015 9:16:24 AM

Looking for a superior solution for your new or rehab waterproofing project?
Coastal Construction Products is proud to offer the PLI-DEK® Waterproofing System for high traffic pedestrian areas - roof decks, walk ways and balconies.
The PLI-DEK waterproof deck system for plywood substrates is a multi-layer system offering high durability with low maintenance. Florida Product Approved and Fire Rated - Class "A" & 1-Hour, the system is approximately 3/16" thick and weighs less than 4lbs per square foot. The hard coat finish has a variety of standard and custom finish options.
 System Highlights and Benefits 

● Florida State Approval #15027.2
● Fire Rated: 1-hour and Class "A"
● Over 6,000 psi Compressive Strength
● Dual Layer Waterproofing System
  -Belt & Suspenders Waterproofing
● Extensive ASTM Testing
● ICBO/ICC-ES Evaluated Since 1980
● Easy Installation & Fast Drying
● Low Maintenance
Click on the video below to see the PLI-DEK application process

PLI-DEK has made its mark with 25 million square feet of material installed since 1998 including more than 500,000 square feet of waterproof deck coatings in Florida!



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